Frequently asked questions:

What is DSIP?

The purpose of DSIP - Digital Sustainability Implementation Package - is to make it possible for the industry to assume a stategic sustainability perspective in the early phases of the product innovation process. DSIP puts together a knowledge platform, a data management platform, as well as new digital support tools to help evaluate, measure, predict, require, and simulate an expected sustainability profile on alternative project concepts in early development phase. The goal for the project is to demonstrate, validate and generalize DSIP for different industrial conditions with the help of many engaged project partners. More info about DSIP

How can me and my organization get access to the tools?

Step 1: register an account with your email (you will get an email with a link which you click to log in).

Step 2: If you are not the first in your organization you should ask the people who already have access to add your account as well. If you are the first from you organization you must send an email to info on who you and your organization are.

Step 3: Once the Core Team as created the organization for you we will send you an email letting you know that you have access. From there you can now add any colleague of yours that should also have access to the site.

What is the future of this site?

There are plans for many more features to be added eventually. The current version of the site was developed during step 2 of DSIP, and will be improved in either step 3 or if taken commercial.

Some proposed features for the next major version are:

  • Different user roles within an organization.
  • Commercialization, meaning organizations could charge for access to their tools.
  • Integration with Eurostep's data management platform "ShareAspace".
  • Systems for suggesting and managing "flows" of tools to use.

Who should I contact for questions/concerns/comments/etc. regarding the tools?

At the bottom of every tool page there is a field for contact info regarding that tool specifically.

If that for some reason doesn't work out, then please let the Core Team know at

Who are in the Core Team?

The Core Team consists of sustainability researchers from Chalmers and BTH.

Who maintains the site?

This website is developed and maintained by Macaroni Studios.